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Jenny asks…

How do you set up the wiring for a 2004 jeep unlimited trailer hitch?

I have a 2004 Jeep Unlimited, and i recently installed the trailer hitch to the back of it. I was wondering how to run the wiring that would connect to whatever trailer I had attached to it.

Jeep Mods answers:

You can purchase a trailer wiring harness from Jeep. You also might try Napa or Carquest. The harness pluggs in, you do not want to cut or splice any wires or you’ll have trouble with your lights.
ASE Master Tech 39=yrs. Ret.

Sandy asks…

How to get a 2005 jeep unlimited soft top?

i recently bought a 2005 jeep unlimited and it didnt come with a soft top. The factory MOPAR tops are $1500 and i dont have the cash for one of that stature. Does anyone know where i can get a black soft top and hardware for someone on a budget?

Jeep Mods answers:



you’ll probably end up spending $600 for a good aftermarket one.

James asks…

does jeeps unlimited do repair work?

Jeep Mods answers:

A limited amount, yes they do.

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