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Joseph asks…

How old is my road bike? How good are the components?

I just got this Specialized Sequoia, took off a bunch of parts and got it to about 21-22 pounds. I have no trouble finding older sequoias or even newer ones, but I cannot find any info on my specific bike. I don’t know what year it is and there seems to be a gap between 1985-2003 that I cannot find any models of this bike…can someone help? Maybe have a mid 90s Specialized catalog? Just knowing the year would help.

It has Shimano RX100 rear and front derailleurs, RX100 brake levers, RX100 shifters, Shimano cantilever brakes, Shimano Deore DX hubs with Araya 700c rims, HG Hyperglide 7sp cassette, Sakae custom down bars, stock seatpost and saddle, and Michelin tires.

How good are the components on this bike also??? Thank you in advance!

Here is a pic of my bike:

P.S. I am happy with this bike. I know its from the 90s so obviously the components aren’t top of the line. I am not after a Trek Madone 6.9 pro, to me its a waste of money for a drop of 1.5 pounds. I am just asking your opinion on the parts not compared to the best thing out there. Thanks.
Hey peter, hope you read this.

The bike is 58cm and I am 6’1″ and I feel pretty comfortable on it. It rides really solid and the components have nothing wrong with them. But I will have to agree with you…the stem is hideous and I plan on replacing to a carbon stem at 0 degrees, a carbon down bar, and carbon seatpost and a new saddle. Other than that it rides better than it looks! Thanks a lot for your input…here is the serial number: AL91095305

Thanks again!!

Jeep Mods answers:

If you post the serial #, someone might be able to help you with the year.

As you know, the bike should be from the 90s as suggested by the componentry. I’d say mid 90s, but would err on the earlier side rather than late. Sorry I can’t help with the *specific* year.

The components are fine. RX100 was very near 105 during its time. In modern terms, it would be near enough to Tiagra. The DX hubs were good but were later obliterated with the LX and XT. Shimano’s hubs last a very long time and run well with proper maintenance. Check yours; they may be in need of an overhaul. Same goes for headset. The downtube shifters will probably outlive every other component, so no worries there. All in all, if all the components are in good condition and you maintain them well, you should be just fine for a LONG time.

Does the bike fit you as is? The reason I ask is that the previous owner was too big for it; The seatpost is jacked way too high, and the stem is ridiculously long with lots of rise. I think the bike is pretty cool, and it would be great for many uses. But it would look so much better without that ugly (sorry) stem.

Lisa asks…

Hit curb at about 30 mph?

I didn’t slow down for a turn. Dumb on my part. It’s fun taking corners sharp. I don’t do it anymore after this. But I was at a light and i took a left turn real quick and I saw a motorcycle come up on the same direction I was turning, so i swerved a bit to not hit them. And i hit a draining ditch curb. It was loud. I almost lost control. I’m a young driver. And So then I pulled over off the road. and the right passenger side rim was scratched. And my tires were okay. I was frickin scared. Now theres some scratches on it. Only on a certain part. Will it rust. They are custom. I don’t know if they are chrome or aluminum. And I don’t have enough money to take it to the shop yet. This is my car and I don’t want my parents to know. Do I need to get anything checked out also? My signal light came off too and I shoved it back in.
I drove it today. It’s not moving on its on. Driving like it always has. Just wanna be sure

Jeep Mods answers:

Good job Ricky,

You may have bent the rim, you might have damaged the tire also, it may show up later with a bubble in the sidewall.

You most likely knocked the front end out of alignment? Do you notice any difference in the ride or is the car pulling to one side now when you are driving or hitting the brakes?

Going fast on turns are very hard on tires, it will wear the outside tread down pretty quick.

It’s your car, so do what you want. But you did ask.

Steven asks…

i live in building a “from scratch” motorcycle.what would i have to do to get a title for itonce im done

its completely from scratch.everything will be how would i go about getting it registered and titled and inspected to drive on the road.or would it be easier to get a parts bike with no title.and use the frame to build off of.these are my two choices right now.also does anyone know of a website that has free designs and blueprints of motorcycle frames?

Jeep Mods answers:

Do what the others if it’s a low-cost bike you’re not going to insure. If it’s a high dollar machean, Try to title it as a manufactured bike. Insurance companies are NOT kind to custom or home-built bikes. See your local motorcycle junk yard.

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