About Us – Plaistow Auto Sales LLC

Big Red

Big Red

Plaistow Auto Sales, LLC has been in business at the same location since 1980.

Every vehicle goes through a thorough inspection before it is put out for sale.





All vehicles are fully serviced:

•    Oil & filter change
•    Grease front end
•    All fluids inspected & topped off
•    Safety inspection
•    If brake pads are down ½ way we replace them
•    Brake rotors are resurfaced or replaced
•    Shocks & front end suspension parts are also checked
•    Tires are inspected
•    Vehicles are driven at least 100 miles to make sure there are no issues
•    We take pride in what we sell here at Plaistow Auto Sales, LLC
•    Shop us last so you can compare how clean our vehicles are compared to the competition